Sunday, August 28, 2011


什么?把Jusco 里的pizzahut 包下来就为了让他们开斋?不是7点半吗?现在才六点半!还有整整一个小时!把位子全空着,把特地前往用餐的客人都赶走!岂有此理!就不做其他人的生意了吗?再看看其他快餐店(kfc,mcd),都一样!好像都不是我们容生之地。现在还很早啊!难道他们不知道就这样等会少赚好几单生意吗?笨死了!不公平!不公平!应该是先到先得才对!结果我和姐都白跑一趟了 算了啦!我们这可爱的国土啊!始终免不了会遇到这种不公平的事~


Tuesday, August 23, 2011


You know what?
 The results was released. Unexpectedly... I didn't get through...
My eyes were i cried
But it just can't change the fact...that I just get stuck in the middle..
Why is it so hard for me to get the passing? I really can't understand why!
Spent my effort to study but yet the results still like that!
I really really can't stand it this time...
Bursting in tears when i called my friend...
Thank you so much for lending me your ears
And so sorry that i didn't tell others about this... Cause i don't want to disturb...furthermore it is so heart-breaking when people keep asking how and why? and what you gonna do now?...these kind of questions...  i really appreciate all of your concerns...but just too hard for me to face you all now...

And now.. what i gonna do is to find a switch myself to a working life rather than non stop studying without seeing results... maybe to learn something new and gain experience somewhere...and try again each time with 1 paper to see how it goes...I just leave it to fate...If can pass through then good...if can't then just accept it and continue with my work...Although feel shameful as i don't have a degree in hand...with just a partial qualifications... life still has to go on... I know my mum n dad are really worried about me...I really feel thankful that they are very supportive and didn't blame me for not passing...they didn't put pressure on me at anytime...they said they will support whatever decision i made! I feel so warm and my tears rolled down with lots and lots of regret...

Hope the bad luck will go off soon!

Friday, August 5, 2011




Thursday, July 7, 2011

Just to Write Something

Have left my blog for quite some's  time to write something on it.
Holidays after the what am i doing for these couples of weeks? such a waste of time i would say...guess are right!again staying at home...'running through' endless drama series...outing? no.
Such a silly way of spending the break that i' m longing for. .and know what? This week will be the last week for the break.and i end up doing nothing...argh....

I have 2 last papers to take for this coming 3 still waiting for results...Friends around me are  graduating...when is my turn then? unknown answer.

Have to find my way...keep telling myself:)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


今天的我特别特别的累,可能是上了六小时的corporate reporting, post here, post there, credit income statement, debit SOFP, 还有做不完的adjustments 。脑袋被数字占据一整个下午,人变呆了。眼睛望着白板,看似很专心,但其实很多时候都没把讲师的话听进去。大概是用脑用太多了吧,今天的我比平时来的累~


Sunday, April 24, 2011


最近,犀利人妻这部剧很火红,我一看就不可收拾。很喜欢女主角隋棠,戏演得好好,更喜欢里头的主题曲和插曲,林凡的《五天几年》, 《多情》,《这样爱你好可怕》, 郁可唯的《指望》, 《暖心》都是我近期很爱的歌曲。极力推荐这部剧!还有它的歌,真的很棒!

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